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Devereux Beach Bluff Surfer 02-B-2.jpg (75366 bytes) Rebecca 723-D-3.jpg (88255 bytes) Geigers 9541-B-2-2.jpg (76767 bytes)
Devereux Beach Bluff Surfer Rebecca Silhouette at Sunset
Amy & Megan 9446-C-4.jpg (76174 bytes) Geigers 9514-C-2-2.jpg (69644 bytes) Geigers 9528-C-4.jpg (91798 bytes)
Mother & Daughter Family I Family II
 Megan-Nude 14-B-B&W-B-4.jpg (92451 bytes) Tayla Valencia 50-G.jpg (92404 bytes)   DSCF9187-B-2-2.jpg (83269 bytes)
Baby I Motherly Kiss The Wonder of a Child
DSCF9188-B-2-2.jpg (101698 bytes)
  Innocence A Moment Between Mother & Son Wedding Ceremony  
  Ring Exchange Beach Photoshoot Beach Photoshoot II  
  Beach Photoshoot III Beach Photoshoot IV Beach Photoshoot V  
  Beach Photoshoot VI Beach Photoshoot VII    
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