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Zebras Zebras II Zebras III
Zebras IV Zebras V Zebras VI
Zebras VII Zebras VIII Zebras IX
Zebras X Zebras XI Zebras XII
Mother & Baby Rhino Baby Rhino Baby Rhino Charging
Mother & Baby Rhino II Mother & Baby Rhino III Mother & Baby Rhino IV
Bird Camouflaged Frog Dalls Porpoises
Dalls Porpoises II Frog in the Birdhouse Green Frog
Green Spider Horny Toad Peacock
Polar Bear Sandpipers on the Silver Sand Spotted Moth
Xena  Peacock II Xena on the Tundra
Squirrel Horses in Quiet Pasture Horses in Quiet Pasture II
  Silhouettes on Silver Sands Leaping Dolphin Praying Mantis  
  Praying Mantis II Praying Mantis III Praying Mantis IV  
  Bee Zed Zed II  
  Zed III Zed IV Zed V  
  Calcifer IV Calcifer V Pollination  
  Calcifer & Lizard Calcifer & Lizard II Calcifer & Lizard III  
  Lizard on the Vine Lizard on the Vine II Key to My Heart  
  Key to My Heart II Key to My Heart III Key to My Heart IV  
  Key to My Heart V Key to My Heart VI Key to My Heart VII  
  Key to My Heart VIII Key to My Heart IX Raccoon Brothers  
  Raccoon Brothers II Raccoon Brothers III Raccoon Brothers IV  
  Mother & Baby Rhino V Rhino & Springbok Crocodile  
  Crocodile II Crocodile III Crocodile IV  
  Crocodile VI Crocodile VII Lioness  
  Lioness II Lioness III Lioness IV  
  Lioness VI Majestic Lion Majestic Lion II  
  Majestic Lion III Majestic Lion IV Majestic Lion V  
  Majestic Lion VI Majestic Lion VII African Penguins  
  African Penguins II Eland Eland II  
  Eland III African Penguins III Cheetah  
  Cheetah II Gorilla Gorilla II  
  Gorilla III Elephant Elephant II  
  Elephant III Elephant IV Hippos  
  Hippos II Sea Lion Sea Lion II  
  Sea Lion III Sea Lion IV Sea Lion V  
  Sea Lion on Boat Sea Lion on Boat II Sea Lion VI  
  Cayman Cayman II Cayman III  
  Spider Monkey Spider Monkey II Spider Monkey III  
  Spider Monkey IV Spider Monkey V Spider Monkey VI  
  Monarchs at Ellwood Preserve Monarchs at Ellwood Preserve II Monarchs at Ellwood Preserve III  
  Monarchs at Ellwood Preserve IV Monarchs at Ellwood Preserve V    
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