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  Western Canyons Western Canyons II Western Canyons III  
  Western Canyons IV Western Canyons V Western Canyons VI  
  San Francisco San Francisco II San Francisco III  
  San Francisco IV San Francisco V San Francisco VI  
Sunset Rays Clouds II Clouds III
Clouds IV Desert Mountain Range Desert Reservoir I
Desert Reservoir II Desert Reservoir III Desert Reservoir IV
Desert Reservoir V Desert Reservoir VI Downtown Los Angeles
Dragon in the Desert I Dragon in the Desert II Dragon in the desert III
Drainage Landscape Flood Plains Flood Plains in the Desert
Foggy Mountains in Phoenix Frosty Landscape Frozen Lake in Colorado
Golden Gate Bridge Mountain & Farmland Border Old Desert Riverbed
Old Riverbed Reservoir I Reservoir II
Reservoir III Riverbed San Francisco
Isla Vista California Snowy Peaks in Colorado City of San Francisco
Golden Gate Bridge II Golden Gate Bridge III Golden Gate Bridge IV
Golden Gate Bridge V Campus Point Cruising the Santa Barbara Channel
at Sunrise
  Ship on Glassy Seas River Canyon River Canyon II  
  River Canyon III Moon Setting Over Horizon Desert Canyon Landscapes  
  Desert Canyon Landscapes II Desert Canyon Landscapes III Anacapa Island  
  Campus Point II Hazy Clouds Santa Cruz Island  
  Chicago Airport Chicago Airport II Los Angeles Skyscrapers  
  Los Angeles Skyscrapers II UCSB's Campus Point Santa Cruz Island Coastline  
  Downtown Minneapolis Downtown Minneapolis II North Goleta Coastline  
  Sandpiper Golf Course & Bacara Resort Sandpiper Golf Course & Bacara Resort II Sandpiper Golf Course & Bacara Resort III  
  Bacara Resort Crater Lake Crater Lake II  
  Leadbetter Beach Leadbetter Beach II Rincon Point  
  Campus & Coal Oil Points Campus & Coal Oil Points II Desert Canyon River  
  Desert Canyon Desert Canyon II Desert Canyon III  
Desert Canyon IV Desert Canyon V Desert Canyon VI
  Desert Canyon VII Desert Canyon VIII Desert Canyon IX  
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